De keurmeesters

De keurmeesters stellen zich voor!

Doug Connor (UK)

My name is Doug Connor. I am an American by birth but have lived for more than 20 years in England. I have a nice house and a large, purpose-built rattery in Banbury, just north of Oxford.

I got my first rats in the spring of 2002 – they were roans named Bert and Ernie! A year later, I got my first doe, named Peaches, and had my first litter. That year I also found and joined the NFRS. I attended lots of shows in the following years and, in 2007, earned my stud name with a Silvered Black buck named Tenebrae. I named my stud after him. During that time I was also in judges training and qualified as a Show Judge in the spring of 2009. I continued to exhibit regularly and was fortunate to breed many champions over the years. I also did as much judging as I could, to build my experience, and in November of 2015, I was appointed Championship Judge. I have judged not only for the NFRS but also for virtually all of the regional clubs in the UK as well. I have also judged in Poland and many times in Finland.

I met Rian about ten years ago when she came to England for the London Championships when they were still being held in Reading. During that time, many international judges stayed at my house since I was the closest NFRS member to the venue and had plenty of space! Rian and I saw each other intermittently over the following years and kept in touch via email and Facebook. In recent years, we had many long, online chat sessions late into the night! I last saw her when we judged together in Warsaw in September of last year. It was through her that I met and became friends with a number of people in both Poland and Czechia, including Barbara Sadrukola, who will be judging at the memorial show as well.

Rian was always a calm and gentle presence – a good friend, full of easygoing humour and good will. She was knowledgeable and reflective and full of good ideas as well. I miss her smiles, her intelligence and her willingness to listen and to contribute. She was a wonderful friend and a truly wonderful person.

Barbara Sadrakuła (PL)

My name is Barbara Sadrakuła, I live in Warsaw Poland. I’m breeder in Zirrael Rattery. I’m member of 2 rat associations Rodent Club PL in Poland and Specializovaná organizace chovatelů potkanů in Czech Republic.

I have been judging rats since 2007. I had pleasure judged rat shows in Poland, Czech Republic, Netherland, Ukraine and Finland. Every show is for me great expierence and occassion to meet a lot of great people. 

A few years ago I was looking for a good breeding, from which I could import rats. Rian’s rats delighted me with their beautiful body structure and color, so I decided to write if she would agree that some of her grandchildren would live with me. We quickly found a common language and it turned out that our approach to breeding as well as judging is very similar.

At the turn of September and October 2013, we met for the first time, when I went to pick up long-awaited rats from her and talked many hours on various topics – starting with rats and ending with more life topics. Then there were more rats and more, the topics for joint talks were endless, then they began traveling together and judging.

Rian visited Warsaw twice – we visited Łazienki together, we fed squirrels, we walked around the old town, and also drank a beer while chatting several evenings. We managed together to judge several exhibitions and Rian herself was the main initiator of Doug Connor’s invitation to Poland, thanks to which the Polish rat world, including myself, learned something more.

If it were not Rian, I would not be here where I am, and my life would lack many unique and very colorful memories. She was a great friend who I miss very much to this day.